Expat workers flee Egypt

Egypt Protests

Expatriates working in Egypt are said to be fleeing the chaos that has besieged Egypt, and after the Foreign Office has issued a warning to all expats in the country.

In the last few days 800 people are reported to have departed from the country, with many said to be expat workers in industries such as finance, oil and telecommunications. The majority of these people, 500, are believed to be British.

As of yet there are no known plane shortages, however general panic is said to be consuming the airports. Earlier in the week the Foreign Office placed a warning up on their website urging Brits abroad to be safe. However now the FO has decided to assist people with getting out of the country.

Foreign Minister William Hague said: He said: “We have been advising people in Cairo or Alexandria or Suez to leave if they can, if they don’t have any pressing reason to remain. The vast majority of those seeking to do so have been able to do so on commercial flights. But I’ve also decided to send a charter aircraft to enable further British nationals to leave the country if they wish to do so.”