Smart ID card available for expats in Qatar


Qatar ID Card

A new ‘Smart’ ID card has been launched for expatriates in Qatar.

The Smart ID cards come equipped with a security chip and increases security, safety and convenience.

The Smart ID Card, already available to native Qatar citizens, has a number of benefits that set it apart from the previous ID card. These include the ability to renew permits and documents, such as driving license and residency permits, online. The Smart ID card also enable to holder to conduct other government transactions online.

Brig Saleh Khamis al-Kubaisi. Qatar’s Ministry of Interior information systems department director, said of the card: “The idea is to have one convenient, standardised, multi-purpose card offering e-government services to all residents in Qatar. Expatriate E-gate card holders can switch to the Smart ID card with no extra charge for the length of the current card’s validity. We are co-ordinating with airport authorities to stop the E-gate system since Smart ID cards are available.”

Information is held on the smart card via the electronic chip, this data can only be accessed with a fingerprint match or a PIN number.

Expats in Qatar who wish to upgrade to the Smart ID card must visit their nearest government office for application.