Expat 2012 investment outlook

Investment Cash

Expat finance experts predict that 2012 has the potential to be a great year for expatriate investors.

The recent Global Investor Confidence Study, now in its sixth year, connects with more expats than ever before to create an even clearer picture of how expats feel about their savings and investments in the modern economic climate. Results for this year will be released imminently, but last year, around 45 percent of expat investors said they felt "very confident" about their investments.

This figure was even larger than investor confidence levels during the pre-financial crisis days before 2007, 46 percent in 2006. Come 2007, the figure dropped to 29 per cent and 2008 saw a dismal confidence rating of 14 per cent.

Seeing such an increase in expat investor confidence is definitely encouraging for the global economy.

The Global Investor Confidence Study not only asks for views on investment confidence, but also how current economic events are affecting people's confidence in day to day life. A spokesman for the Global Investor Confidence Study said: “The correlation between investing confidence and everyday confidence should provide some fascinating global insights. It will be interesting to see the different – or indeed shared – views of retail and expat investors from country to country.”