UK socially good but lacks quality of life

UK Life

The United Kingdom has been revealed to be a poor destination choice for foreign expats.

Despite being recognised as having fantastic entertainment facilities, many other aspects of the UK are lacking, resulting in expats located there having less than enjoyable experiences.

Even with the high entertainment ranking, 49 percent of expats in the UK claimed they now had a worse social life than before. This can perhaps be attributed to poor accommodation and also having to get used to the infamously bad English weather conditions.

Quality of life is low for expats in the UK, and this is in part thanks to the current economic woe that is sweeping the country. The UK has limited job opportunities and high living costs that have only worsened during 2010. A huge 67 percent of expats in the UK claimed their financial situation had suffered since they relocated to the UK.

However there were some positives, the UK was cited as being very easy to integrate into, and since English is such a widely spoken language few expats had difficulties with language barriers.