Tax deadline looms


The deadline for HMRC’s online self-assessment is fast approaching, with the final day for submission being next Tuesday, the 31 of January.

Since most UK expatriates will undoubtedly be using the online option then it’s important to remember that this year chaos is predicted in the run up to the deadline date HMRC are set to walk out on strike over an industrial dispute, a move that could cause turmoil.

It is thought that around 20,000 HMRC members will stage a 24-hour walkout to protest murmurings of a private sector takeover of HMRC call centres.

For this reason it’s imperative that people avoid, especially expats who are living in different time zones, avoid last minute tax return filing, as it will be very difficult to get in touch with an HMRC adviser on deadline day if queries need to be answered.

As always there are fines for late filers, which as always have led to condemnation for heavy handedness, with one finance expert telling the Telegraph: “HMRC now adopts the sort of approach to tax collection you would expect from a budget airline and charges for everything that is late.”