UAE remains expat job hotspot



The United Arab Emirates remains one of the premier locations for professional expats seeking employment abroad in 2012.

A report by Going Global, an international recruitment firm, has revealed that the UAE is still one of the main global hotspots for expatriate workers. The report, entitled Employment Outlook, revealed the Emirates has maintained its expat reputation despite spots of civil unrest amongst UAE natives.

The main pulling point is still the tax free salaries that employees in the UAE enjoy. Coupled with a growing economy, there are plenty of attractive opportunities for the professional foreign worker.

Jobs aren’t restricted to a certain sector either, there are said to be many opportunities in sectors including oil and gas, hospitality and tourism, media, e-commerce, IT, safety and security, healthcare, construction and more.

According to figured from global recruitment firms, around 6-0 percent of UAE business expect to hire for managerial roles, and a further 68 percent are actively seeking mid-level to senior staff.

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