Living abroad is good for your health


Scientists have discovered that living abroad and getting lots of sun can actually be very good for your health, with previous worries of cancer being slightly off the mark.

Australia is home to the world's leading authorities on skin cancer, and recently they announced that the link between sunlight and skin cancer was somewhat exaggerated. Soon scientists across the globe were agreeing with the Australian ideas, and the esteemed Harvard Medical School of America published a companion study.

Now more and more benefits are being attached to living a life in the sunshine. Professor Bruce Armstrong, of Sydney Uiniversity said: “It’s a revolution. I have been working in public health and preaching sun avoidance for 25 years. But this statement says there are two sides to the story.”

The main bonus is the amount of Vitamin D that sunlight provides. Vitamin D is of great use to the human body and hinders the growth of cancer cells. Research shows that people who live in Mediterranean countries, where sunlight beams all year round, fare better with regards to cancer than various worldwide counterparts.

With little sun in the UK perhaps becoming an expat can now add health to the ever-growing list of benefits.