Life is more expensive for singletons


A recent study by price comparison website uSwitch has discovered that single people end up spending around £250,000 in bills throughout the duration of their lives, with couples generally spending less.

The survey found that singletons carrying the full weight of a lifetime’s worth of bills came off worse than couples, as they benefit from sharing the burden with a partner, and also receive better premiums and rates.

The site uSwitch found that a single person’s annual insurance premium is around £4,794, which adds up to £254,082 through the ages of 22 and 75.

The report also learnt that singles can end up paying more tax. On average, a single can expect to pay £90 council tax per month, with couples paying £126 together.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, said: “Increasingly we are seeing evidence that to enjoy a good quality of life in Britain, a household needs two incomes. Those who live alone face a range of disadvantages including meeting household bills single handed and having to pay a surcharge on holidays”.

With people living longer and marrying later, the amount of single households is expected to rise by about 2 million over the next decade.