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Financial advice can be a minefield of uncertainty. Trust and impartiality are hugely important and we aim to deliver both.

We offer a brief introduction to offshore finance, help on managing your finances abroad and simple money saving tips for expats. We understand many of you will have had little or no exposure to financial issues. Expats both new and veteran can benefit from our expertise.

Please refer to the IFA section of the site for an explanation of what an independent financial adviser does and how this can be of use to you. When it comes to choosing a financial adviser, there should always be a focus on impartial advice.

Please keep in mind that while Expat & Offshore is written and compiled by financial planners, and the information contained therein aims to be the best and most accurate on the web, this is no substitute for proper, personalised financial advice.

Offshore Financial Services from Expat & Offshore

Whether you need offshore financial advice regarding managing your finances overseas or want to learn a few money saving tips, our offshore financial services can help. At Expat & Offshore, we understand that trust and impartiality are essential when seeking offshore financial advice, which is why our mission is to present our clients with reliable and helpful expat financial advice.

Independent Expatriate Financial Advice

We realise that you might need a little help in regards to your finances abroad, which is why we can provide you with a brief offshore financial advice introduction. Whether you are a well travelled expatriate or new to travelling abroad, you are sure to benefit from our expat financial advice. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure you receive impartial expatriate financial advice.

Experienced Offshore Financial Advisors

We are passionate about providing our clients with informative and clear cut expatriate financial advice. You can rest assured that our offshore financial advisors have the experience and knowledge to offer the expat financial advice you need for a successful experience abroad. We hire both in-house offshore financial advisors and part-time consultants, which ultimately allows us to focus on in-house talent and more specialised offshore financial services.

Contact Expat & Offshore for Expatriate Financial Advice

Whether you are hoping to start a new life abroad, want to retire to a foreign country or are relocating for work, you can trust that we can provide you with the offshore financial advice to make your move incredibly easy and hassle-free. If want to learn more about our offshore financial services or want to get in touch with one of offshore financial advisors to receive expat financial advice, you should contact us today.