Australia touted as ideal expat destination



Australia has been cited as one of the best destinations for skilled expatriate workers to travel to, by the Australia Visa Bureau.

Australia is currently seeking to increase its numbers of expat workers, and Tom Blackett from the Bureau has highlighted a number of reasons for expats to pick Australia.

Firstly, the fact that Australia is one of the only developed nations to remain relatively untouched by the global financial crisis was raised, coupled with fantastic job prospects- Australia’s unemployment level is just 5.3 percent compared to the UK’s 7.8 percent.

However a number of other reasons were also suggested, reasons that make Australia especially attractive to expatriates from the UK. Like Britain, Aussies love to relax in the pub watching cricket and football. Australians also share a similar language of humour with Brits, a witty, sarcastic tongue that is often lost on people from other countries.

Of course Australia also boasts environment advantages over the UK- the climate has been described as perpetual summer, and the country has astounding arrays of natural beauty and wildlife not found anywhere else in the world.

Australia also ranked at number two on the recent United Nations Human Development Index, which rates how well a nation’s citizens can “develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests.”

With all this in mind Mr Blackett simply added: “You can see why Australia is such a great place to move to.”