British expats to Qatar


Expats moving to Qatar is fast becoming a common occurance, with many skilled workers travelling to the UAE destination for high salaries and good career progression.

Previously, Dubai was the destination of choice, but now more and more expats are choosing to work in Qatar.

While Dubai has currently ground to a bit of a halt after years of solid growth, Qatar is in the middle of an economic boom. Doha, the capital of Qatar is a busy, contemporary city, perfect for international expats. Contrasting neighbouring Dubai, building projects are now at a height and infrastructure projects are swiftly being drawn up. Reports have revealed that $80 billion has been set aside for development, and an extra $57 billion earmarked for the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup.

Qatar is also a very stable place, in 2010 it showed GDP growth of 9 percent with an expected rise to 16 percent in 2011.Qatar also boasts some of the smallest unemployment figures in the world.

Working in Qatar as an expat suits both the individual and the nation, as Qatar needs a solid fleet of skilled foreign employees to help the economy continue to flourish.

Amongst the employment benefits there many other great points for expats working in Qatar. Of course the weather is better than the UK's, yet there are also considerable financial benefits. Working as a British expat enables you to legitimately avoid UK taxes, and also utilise offshore pension schemes, such as the QROPS.

If you are interested in finding out more about the working in Qatar as an expat, visit our city guide section where you will find a detailed guide looking at employment, visas, healthcare and more.