Retirement is good for your health


Scientists have discovered that a well timed retirement can do wonders for personal health.

Research has shown that retiring from work can reduce the potential for depression, tiredness, physical and mental fatigue.

This news does not bode well for the UK citizens who have recently been told that their national retirement age will increase earlier than expected.

The study was conducted by Stockholm University's Dr Hugo Westerlund. A grand study, participants were observed over a period of 15 years. Seven years after retirement and seven years before.

Dr Westerlund said: If work is tiring for many older workers, the decrease in fatigue could simply reflect removal of the source of the problem. “Furthermore, retirement may allow people more time to engage in stimulating and restorative activities, such as physical exercise.”

He added that: “Our results indicate that fatigue may be an underlying reason for early exit from the labour market and decreased productivity, and redesign of work, healthcare interventions or both may be necessary to enable a larger proportion of older people to work in full health.”