Singapore tops relocation charts



Singapore has eclipsed China as the country that receives the most global employment transfers, apart from the US and the UK.

A top global relocating firm, the Cartus Corporation, recently examined all its relocation data from the last five years and discovered a considerable spike in the amount of expat assignments going to Singapore.

According to their data, the number of expat assignments going to Singapore has more than doubled in the last five years, taking it ahead of China, the country most believed would have the most expat transfers.

Kenneth Kwek from the Cartus Corporation said: “Singapore has demonstrated strong resilience during the global economic crisis and many of our clients have chosen Singapore as part of their business expansion plans. Schooling and health care have always been key factors that our assignees and their families find attractive about Singapore.”

Other destinations also saw over a double increase of expat numbers, including the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. Although a number of new destinations began to appear on the list, such as South Korea and Poland, the usual traditional destinations dominated the list. Kevin Kelleher, Cartus CEO, said: “We work with many multinational companies whose volume of moves is a good indication of overall global business activity. We have noticed that even though their relocation volume may change year over year, most of the same locations have remained on our list as the major destinations for the employees that our clients send on international assignment despite the changing economic landscape.”

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