Expats complain of poor foreign healthcare


A new study by Bupa International has revealed that a large number of expats are unhappy with the standard of healthcare found in their new country.

Bupa International quizzed 1,034 expatriates for the survey and 44 percent revealed their unhappiness over healthcare standards, with one in five actually feeling that their general health had deteriorated since they became expats.

However some popular expat destinations were applauded for their high standard of healthcare. Of the places people preferred to be treated Singapore claimed 23 percent and South Africa 10 percent.

Dr Sneh Khemka, medical director for Bupa International said: “These findings are very interesting. While Singapore is seen to have the best healthcare by nearly a quarter of expats, the truth is that while there are many excellent hospitals in Singapore the quality of healthcare available there varies, like it does in every country around the world.”

Despite the healthcare dismay this didn’t seem to be deterring expats from enjoying their new lives, the majority said they were happier in their current foreign life than they had ever been back home.