Men over 65 can't afford to retire in the UK


Figures show that one in eight over 65 men in the UK are unable to retire due to the UK pensions crisis.

This is giving further weight to the argument that living and working in the United Kingdom is only becoming more difficult as years go by. As it stands many people feel that they simply do not have the financial muscle to retire at a reasonable age.

The figures of elderly workers are rising steadily over time. At this present moment, 11 percent of over 65 UK men are in employment, which is a record breaking number. In raw numbers that's about 521,000 elderly workers, and the number is actually going up by around 180 people a day.

The failing UK pension system is thought to be at the root of this elderly worker epidemic. Many people simply don't have enough money at the end of their working life, and so they are forced to continue working.

However this problem can be avoided if tackled at an appropriate time, by planning for your retirement long before you actually retire, you can put measures into place that will help you save, and generate, money. Speak to a recommended Independent Financial Planner today and learn about retirement options and alternative pension schemes.