UK Wellbeing Index launched



The UK government is seeking to investigate concerns that many UK citizens are unhappy and desire moves away from the country, by creating Britain’s first ever Wellbeing Index.

Government statisticians have revealed that the indicators for the index will be released in the autumn months, with life satisfaction ratings to follow in July 2012.

The Index will quiz 200,000 UK citizens on their attitudes to life in the UK, and they will be asked to mark out of ten their levels of happiness, satisfaction, anxiety and felling of worth.

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke at the official launch of the Wellbeing Index, “If your goal in politics is to help make a better life for people - which mine is - and if you know, both in your gut and from a huge body of evidence, that prosperity alone can't deliver a better life, then you've got to take practical steps to make sure government is properly focused on our quality of life as well as economic growth, and that is what we are trying to do,” he said.

Nowadays, more and more British people are choosing to leave the UK and become expatriates in search of a better life, a life that can potentially be more rewarding both in terms of finances and quality of life. Research conducted by the Office for National Statistics discovered that many factors come together to create personal happiness, factors including health, money, social life and employment satisfaction.

More studies have also revealed that many Brits are unhappy in the country, a recent Lloyds TSB study found that only 10 percent of wealthy respondents highly rated the UK quality of life, and only nine percent were happy with the UK financial situation. A further 41 percent stated that they hoped to leave the UK within the next two years.