The motivations of UAE expats


A recent study into the motivations of executive-level expats in Dubai has revealed that a high salary is not always the prime objective.

It appears that in many cases job satisfaction and job security are more important than the biggest wage packet. The study, conducted in Dubai online paper Emirates 24/7, shows that company loyalty also plays a strong factor in employment proceedings.

A great number of foreign nationals hold positions of importance and power in Dubai, and these high-powered individuals tend to command massive salaries.

While making a lot of money has long been seen as a prime reason to expatriate, it appears that after a while matters more connected to human emotion may come into play. According to the Emirates 24/7 report less than five percent of top level employees regard remuneration as the chief motivation when seeking new work.

However, defining job satisfaction itself can be a tricky task, and some feel that money may subconsciously come into play when asking people about job satisfaction.

Cliff Single, an expat working in Dubai for BAC Middle East, said: “here are many variables that affect a person’s career choices and the balance of motivations is unique to each person: some prefer highly challenging positions, while others give more priority to job stability and the work-life balance. Higher compensation does not automatically equate to high job satisfaction: we have encountered many candidates who are very well rewarded financially, but who are still unsatisfied in their jobs for other reasons.”