Expat teachers gain wage increase in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education (MoE) has stated its desire to vastly improve the quality of life experienced by expat teachers working in Kuwait.

Kuwait School

Whilst speaking at a seminar hosted by the Kuwait Teachers Society (KWT) at the Faculty of Basic Education, Dr. Moudhi Al-Humoud, Kuwait’s Minister of Education and Higher Education announced that the MoE intends to not only raise the wages of expat teachers but also to improve working conditions and even introduce a monetary housing allowance to aid their working life in Kuwait.

The announcements were made during the “Thank You My Teacher” festival, which was attended by students, members of the KTS and also the President of the KTS, Ayed Al-Sahli. During his address Dr. Al-Humoud said: “The Ministry of Education is working on achieving its primary target, which is to increase the value given to the teacher's job, which will be done by improving their social and financial situation, there are many ways of accomplishing this” the Kuwait Times reported.

Further initiatives to improve the working and living life of expat teachers include supplying new equipment and educational tools, training courses, supplementing transport costs, staffrooms and having teachers placed in schools close to their homes.

There are also more improvements that the KWT hopes to implement in the near future which includes an overhaul of the national curricula and tech support such as laptops given to all teachers.