Singapore to limit expatriate workers



According to new reports, the government of Singapore is set to impose restrictions on expatriate workers coming into the country.

New rules that will come into effect from January 2012 will require all prospective expatriates to earn at least £1,527 per month in their home country before applying for a Singaporean work permit.

The changes have come about as native citizens of Singapore expressed concerns over the amount of expatriates taking jobs, and thus creating intense competition for both jobs and also place in schools for their children.

Singapore’s minister of manpower said: “Our aim is to avoid increasing dependence on foreign workers over the long term, by keeping the foreign share of the workforce at about one-third.”

Singapore has long been an exciting and attractive destination for western expatriates to travel to. With a bustling economy and excellent quality of life, the number of skilled professionals travelling to the country in recent years has grown massively. Despite these new rules coming into place, the amount of money needed to be earned is fairly low so professionals thinking about moving to Singapore are unlikely to be affected.

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