British expats refuse to abandon their lives abroad



British expats around the world are refusing to abandon their expat lives, despite many feeling a pinch in their finances.

A recent study conducted by Moneycorp has revealed that while many expats are achieving the greater quality of life they left the UK to find, some are also feeling a bit out of pocket as the world braces itself for more monetary troubles.

Apparently up to 50 percent of expats quizzed by Moneycorp admitted they were concerned by the current economic climate. However, the majority also stated that they would not be willing to move back to the UK, as their time as expats has been rewarding on the whole.

This situation comes down to a few points- money troubles for some expats can be attributed to a lack of financial planning, as recent reports have shown us that a worryingly large percentage of British expats do not have adequate financial plans in place. What is clear is that many do not see a return to UK life as a viable option, as the life of an expat can be far more prosperous for than life in the UK.

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