2012 Expat Offshore News Archive

21st December 2012 Expats Find More Competitive Job Market in China

19th December 2012 Expat Pensions to be Tax Exempt in Portugal

18th December 2012 Wealthy Expat Investors Opt for Shares and Property

17th December 2012 Expat Savers Struggle to Get Best Rate

15th December 2012 UK Government Criticised Over Expat Pensions

11th December 2012 France Remains Top Property Choice for British Expats

10th December 2012 US Launches Website to Attract Expat Entrepreneurs

6th December 2012 Expats Urged to Pursue Best Deal on Currency Transfers

5th December 2012 Historic Thailand Extradition for Expat

4th December 2012 Working Age Expats Outnumber Retired Expats

3rd December 2012 Asian Banks Look to Expats to Fill Compliance and Risk Vacancies

30th November 2012 Gibraltar QROPS Market Battles It Out With Malta

26th November 2012 Australia to Offer Fast Track Visa for Expat Millionaires

23rd November 2012 Expat Frozen Pensions Widows May have Missed Out

21st November 2012 Fines for Saudi Firms that Employ Too Many Expats

19th November 2012 New Expat Rules Could Lead to Indonesia Property Boom

16th November 2012 Spain to Offer Residency to Expat Home Buyers

14th November 2012 IFA Charging Changes to Impact Expat Pension Market

12th November 2012 Make Sure Your QROPS is Free From Scams and Fraud

9th November 2012 Confusion Arises Over New Zealand QROPS Rules

7th November 2012 Multinational Companies Seek to Limit Expat Benefits

4th November 2012 Expats Show Growing Preference For China

29th October 2012 Online Offshore Banking Grows in Prominence

26th October 2012 India Tops List of Expat Retirement Hotspots

24th October 2012 Expats in Germany Report Positive Economic Outlook

22nd October 2012 Expats Choose to Diversify Their Investments

19th October 2012 Expats Continue Love Affair with the Middle East

17th October 2012 Gibraltar QROPS Providers Introduce Code of Conduct

15th October 2012 Gibraltar Minister Puts Pressure on QROPS Providers

12th October 2012 British Schools Target Expat Market Overseas

10th October 2012 British Expats in the USA Turn to QROPS

8th October 2012 Expats Look to Move as Fixed Rate Bonds Mature

6th October 2012 Expats Fear Faltering German Economy

4th October 2012 Kirchner Strives to Stem Argentine Dollar Flood

2nd October 2012 Make Your Offshore Pension Work Harder

26th September 2012 Expats Set for Swiss Tax Hit

24th September 2012 Expat Retirees Sue Spanish Judiciary

21st September 2012 Expats Struggle with Move to UAE

19th September 2012 Focus Returns to Hong Kong QROPS

14th September 2012 Expat Pension Specialist Skandia in Rebrand

11th September 2012 Cost of Living Rises For British Expats

9th September 2012 Attention Switches from QROPS to QNUPS

7th September 2012 Britain and Australia Break the Ice Over 'Frozen Pensions'

4th September 2012 Gibraltar's QROPS Status Confirmed

31st August 2012 Crackdown on Illegal Homes in Thailand

28th August 2012 'Temperature Test' to get Cold Reception from Expat Pensioners

27th August 2012 Expat to Swim Around the World in Twelve Hours

24th August 2012 Canada Raises Bar for Potential Immigrants

22nd August 2012 Bupa Flex to Benefit 'Short-Term' Expats

21st August 2012 UAE Says No to Expat Women

20th August 2012 Singapore Gets Strict on Expat Influx

16th August 2012 HMRC Drops Cyprus from Approved QROPS List

14th August 2012 U-Turn on Cayman Expat Tax

13th August 2012 Expats to Benefit From Relaxed Portuguese Tax Laws

10th August 2012 UAE Bounced Cheque Case Could Affect Expats

8th August 2012 Tax Break Slashed on Australian Property for Expats

7th August 2012 Australian Expats Head Home

6th August 2012 Cayman Expats Hit with 'Community Enhancement Fee'

3rd August 2012 Employers Stuck on Expat Benefits

2nd August 2012 China Forced to Open Up to Foreign Credit Cards

1st August 2012 HMRC Fights Back in QROPS Case

26th July 2012 Malta Releases Guidelines to Aid QROPS Industry

25th July 2012 World's Elite Hide $21tn Offshore

24th July 2012 Good News for Existing QROPS Members

23rd July 2012 Fiduciary Return Deadline Altered by Guernsey

20th July 2012 Expats in Thailand Face Renewed Property Crackdown

19th July 2012 Ever More Brits Abroad Require Consular Assistance

18th July 2012 Canada Tries to Attract Expat Workers

17th July 2012 Expats Set to Pounce on Cheap UK Property

16th July 2012 Expat Cost of Living Shoots Up

13th July 2012 Jersey Threatens to Pursue Independence

12th July 2012 Gibraltar Targets BRICs Market

11th July 2012 QROPS Investors Fight Back

10th July 2012 Expats Flood Home for London Olympics

10th July 2012 New Breed of Global Citizen Emerges

9th July 2012 Bahrain Extends Freeze on Foreign Workers Fee

9th July 2012 Expats Continue Exodus to Hong Kong

6th July 2012 Expat Youth Worker Drowns in France

5th July 2012 Qatar Financial Centre Says No to QROPS

4th July 2012 Skandia International Celebrates Awards Win

3rd July 2012 Retail Distribution Review Arrives

28th June 2012 MFSA Deny QROPS Influx

27th June 2012 US Expats Get Relief From IRS

25th June 2012 Expats Put Off Pensions by Lack of Confidence

24th June 2012 British Expats Win Spanish Bank Fight

21st June 2012 Tokyo Tops List for Expat Living Costs

18th June 2012 AIB to Withdraw from Offshore Markets

17th June 2012 French Authorities Target Expat Community

14th June 2012 Expat Struggles in Spain

12th June 2012 HMRC Bites Back on QROPS

24th May 2012 Expat-shoring is here to stay

20th May 2012 Expat Interest Rates Fall

15th May 2012 Skandia Teams Up with QROPS Providers

12th May 2012 Gibraltar Returns to the QROPS Market

7th May 2012 The Isle of Man as a QROPS Destination

3rd May 2012 Why choose Malta for your QROPS?

1st May 2012 Expat opportunities await in the East

30th April 2012 Expats finding opportunity in new places

30th April 2012 Canada wants expat entrepreneurs

27th April 2012 Expats beat UK recession

27th April 2012 Double-dip recession hits UK savers

26th April 2012 Expats report healthy finances

25th April 2012 US citizens flee rising costs

25th April 2012 British expats no longer miss home

24th April 2012 Qatar to keep skilled expats

23rd April 2012 Expats warned over unnecessary bank charges

20th April 2012 Australian foreign minister urges UK to end frozen pensions

19th April 2012 Wealthy Brits eager to leave

18th April 2012 Singapore glitters as Hong Kong fogs

18th April 2012 Expat property in Malaysia

17th April 2012 Britain’s hardest working man moves to Australia

17th April 2012 UAE continues to be favoured expat destination

16th April 2012 Singapore alters expat residency scheme

13th April 2012 Sydney launches expat recruitment drive

13th April 2012 HMRC QROPS statement

12th April 2012 British expats look to Hong Kong

11th April 2012 Frozen pensions criticised again

10th April 2012 Expats laud UAE on Twitter

5th April 2012 Middle East jobs attract more expats

4th April 2012 FCO warning: Leave Mali

4th April 2012 Dubai expat housing charge delayed

3rd April 2012 Expats placed in new categories

2nd April 2012 Stop frozen pensions

30th March 2012 UK pensions disappoint without financial planning

30th March 2012 Pension planning is vital

29th March 2012 UAE ID cards imminent

29th March 2012 British millionaires leave for many reasons

28th March 2012 British expats to Qatar

28th March 2012 UK Granny Tax set to create new QROPS exodus

27th March 2012 Expat finances stay strong

27th March 2012 Bank of England warning: save more and work more

26th March 2012 Expats to Qatar increasing in numbers

26th March 2012 HMRC online QROPS error

23rd March 2012 Expats happy with foreign retirement

23rd March 2012 Britons neglect pension planning

22nd March 2012 Experts predict QROPS rise in light of Budget 2012

22nd March 2012 Expats prosper overseas

21st March 2012 QROPS jurisdictions stay one step ahead of HMRC

20th March 2012 Expat 2012 investment outlook

20th March 2012 QROPS interest remains strong

19th March 2012 Expat retirees and pensions

19th March 2012 Pensioner forced to borrow money from family

16th March 2012 Residency ruling set for April 2013

16th March 2012 Expat survey examines life abroad

16th March 2012 Stay up to date with expat news

15th March 2012 Returning expats- plan your finances

14th March 2012 Expats aided in foreign property purchases

13th March 2012 QROPS- the expat's choice

12th March 2012 Pensioners need to plan their finances

9th March 2012 Low tax lauded by think tank

8th March 2012 High street bank hit by FSA fines

7th March 2012 Ethical investors go bananas

6th March 2012 UK retirees struggle with low pension income

5th March 2012 Expats remain secure despite global cash crisis

2nd March 2012 Find the right home abroad

1st March 2012 Gold price set to hit $2,000 mark

1st March 2012 Pensioners plan retirement comfort overseas

28th February 2012 Europeans seek overseas escape route

28th February 2012 Expats earn big overseas

27th February 2012 UK pensions disappoint without financial planning

27th February 2012 Expat women told to plan ahead

22nd February 2012 Better careers await abroad

22nd February 2012 Expats earn well in the Middle East

21st February 2012 What does the future hold for Greece?

20th February 2012 Expats happy with foreign retirement

20th February 2012 UAE expats oblivious to local culture

17th February 2012 Zurich and Tokyo top expensive city list

17th February 2012 Monaco the new hotspot for expat property

16th February 2012 Expats more likely to thrill-seek

16th February 2012 Hong Kong wants expat workers

15th February 2012 Expatriate inheritance

14th February 2012 Returning expats- plan your finances

13th February 2012 Planning, pensions and saving for a comfortable future

13th February 2012 Expats urged to explore overseas finance

10th February 2012 Isle of Man praised for London connection

9th February 2012 Expats tempted by 10 percent pay rise

9th February 2012 British 'Abu Dhabi' number plate set for huge auction price

8th February 2012 Britons neglect pension planning

7h February 2012 Expat business reminded about language skills

6th February 2012 QROPS

6th February 2012 UK expat reveals the worth of Twitter

2nd February 2012 Top 5 expat destinations to earn big money

2nd February 2012 IT expats can find opportunity in New Zealand

1st February 2012 Moving abroad in 2012

1st February 2012 Expats connect through Social Media

31st January 2012 Expats cash in overseas

31st January 2012 Middle East jobs attract more expats

30th January 2012 EU Court of Justice eyes Spanish IHT laws

30th January 2012 Web tool helps expats calculate overseas costs

27th January 2012 UK pensions leave pensioners struggling

27th January 2012 Expat retirees made right decision

26th January 2012 Guernsey to save QROPS

26th January 2012 British workers to Australia

25th January 2012 Tax deadline looms

24th January 2012 UK annuity rates falter

24th January 2012 Expats encouraged to make the most of 2012

23rd January 2012 UAE expats fight Forbes

23rd January 2012 British expats return for January sales

20th January 2012 Expats warned of self-assessment scams

20th January 2012 British expats remain happy in Spain

19th January 2012 British expats hit currency jackpot in Australia

19th January 2012 Singapore set to eclipse Switzerland as world’s financial hub

18th January 2012 Middle East offers best expat pay

18th January 2012 Gold price set to hit $2,000 in 2012

17th January 2012 Qatar creates property permits for foreign residents

17th January 2012 Shanghai expat tax delayed

16th January 2012 Expat property: Haunted bargains in Hong Kong

16th January 2012 Expats spearhead US business

13th January 2012 UK pension income at five year low

12th January 2012 Quality of life tops reasons to move

12th January 2012 Online tool for house hunting expats

11th January 2012 UAE remains expat job hotspot

11th January 2012 The worth of offshore banking

10th January 2012 Expats look to QROPS

10th January 2012 Expat jobs in Oman

9th January 2012 Manage your money in 2012