Companies aim to improve global mobility


Working Abroad

A new survey examining the attitudes of businesses with regards to global mobility has revealed that many feel their current strategies need improving.

Around 150 organisations were quizzed a part of the Strategic Moves report conducted by Deloitte. As more companies seek to expand into international markets, they realise that more workers need to be sent overseas, and around 80 percent of the surveyed companies feel that the need to make an impact in the international scene will only increase over the next three to five years.

Interestingly, 40 percent of the respondents conceded that they needed to create “significant or radical improvement” on the global scene. Further findings from the report suggested that companies felt international assignments were being handed out in a haphazard short term style, as opposed to properly planned long term positions that will aid the lengthier needs of the company.

In fact only two percent of the companies felt that they had good alignment with mobility and business objectives, and 66 percent were unsure if their company executives were fully aware of the necessity for global mobility.

Rob Hodkinson, global mobility transformation practice leader at Deloitte, said that the results of the survey “reflected our understanding of the challenges facing chief executives and HR leaders to cost-effective and targeted service.”