New Zealand offers new one year visa


New Zealand

New Zealand is offering potential expats a new opportunity to live and work in the country, with a social one year visa option, also referred to as a working holiday.

The New Zealand Working Holiday Visa programmed is intended for people aged between 18-30 years. There are a number of restrictions though, along with the age limit, people must not have any children, must have a return ticket for the end of the year (or display enough funds to purchase a ticket).

The applicants must also pass a health examination and meet certain character requirements, and also have adequate health insurance, and of course they must have a valid passport.

The visa applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, and demand is expected to be very high.

Young people from the United Kingdom, France and Germany get unlimited access to the visa and a number of them are also working under the scheme which New Zealand citizens under 30 can also get working holiday visas in those countries with a reciprocal agreement.

Young people who take on the visa can expect to have jobs in a number of industries including services, catering and more.