Young Britons given experience opportunities in China



British students and graduates who are interested in working abroad have a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience in China- thanks to CRCC Asia.

CRCC Asia is a London based company that helps find internships and work experience for English youngsters in China. This year they have already secured placements for 1,000 students and graduates, giving them a chance to experience working life abroad.

The internships are tailored to the individual’s specific interests and experience, providing a vital platform to build on future career plans. The internships usually range from one to three months and come with full accommodation.

The interns are also given starter packs, cultural education, business training and even personalised business cards. They also have the option of taking Chinese language lessons before they travel.

Many interns use the experience as a stepping stone for full time employment, and the networking is also highly useful. By meeting China’s young business elite they can strike up valuable contacts for future endeavours.

Edward Holroyd-Pearce, CRCC Asia director, said: “We found that many people wanted business experience in China and that the country had so much more to offer than just teaching opportunities. We recently had six interns taken on full time by Accenture, so it shows we are doing the right thing. I studied Chinese for 10 years and am now rather jealous of people who can get China on their CV after two or three months.”