Expats invited to speak in Korea



Korean government has announced plans to launch a program that will see expats teach schoolchildren the ways of foreign cultures.

The government of Seoul will draft expats in to teach the history and culture of their homeland, in all levels of schools, elementary, middle and high.

Go Hong-seok, a spokesman for the government, said: ““The goal of the program is to nurture students to become leaders in a globalized world and help them understand cultural diversity, as there are more than 260,000 expatriates living in Seoul right now.”

The program was first implemented in 2009 and around 4,000 pupils attended the expat classes. It’s estimated that around 50 expats from 16 different countries have signed up so far to teach the children.

The special expat teachers will be asked to speak about all aspects of their respective cultures, including both history and modern popular culture. The Korean government is firmly behind a program it feels can only improve the awareness and global attitude of its future adult citizens.

All expats in Korea are invited to apply to teach as part of the program, to do so simply contact the Korean government with a recent CV.