UK exposed as poor destination for expats

United Kingdom

According to results from the second part of HSBC's 2010 Expat Explorer Survey, Expat Experiences, the United Kingdom offers little for expats who travel to the country, ultimately painting an even bleaker picture for its native residents.

Out of all the 25 countries profiled the United Kingdom came 20th in terms of overall expatriate experience, and it actually came 23rd in rankings for quality of life. Areas such as accommodation came across especially bad, 78 percent of the expats quizzed said their new living arrangements were either no better or worse than in their previous country, 48 percent also said it was difficult to even find accommodation.

The UK was also panned for its transport, with 45 percent bemoaning their daily commute, unsurprising considering the infamous ordeal that is associated with London transport, especially during the rush hour times of morning and evening.

However it wasn't all doom and gloom as the United Kingdom was lauded for its entertainment and nightlife. The UK ranked first for expat entertainment and 69 percent of the quizzed said they greatly enjoyed the entertainment. The UK also performed well in the integration stakes, 41 percent said they made new friends easily and 62 percent felt well integrated in the local community.