BRIC nations are the hardest to set up in


According to new research conducted by HSBC the BRIC nations pose the most problems for expats beginning their new life.

Previous studies have shown that being able to quickly settle into a new country is very important for expats, but the second part of HSBC's 2010 Expat Explorer Survey, Expat Experiences, has revealed the BRIC nations to be to be the hardest for foreigners to settle into.

To figure out the level of difficulty HSBC looked at factors such as healthcare, accommodation, setting up finances and other issues that are usually first tackled when in a new country.

Brazil, Russia, India and China were the countries deemed to be the hardest to set up in, along with the Middle East. However the countries that were the easiest to set up in South Africa and Canada, although expats did concede that South Africa was fairly difficult to set up in financially.