British expat found in Australia six years after death



British expats often see Australia as the ideal destination for a new life, but one such expat may have taken the term ‘new life’ a step too far.

Alfredo Sanchez, a believed to be deceased British citizen, has just been arrested in Australia under the accusation that he faked his own death to cash in on a hefty insurance payout worth £1.25m.

Mr Sanchez, who currently goes by the first name ‘Hugo’, was arrested in Sydney on an international arrest warrant to answer fraud charges in the UK. British police have been searching for Sanchez ever since his mysterious ‘death’.

Suspicions about his situation were exacerbated after his personal store for HMV was used numerous times after his supposed demise. This led to an investigation into the man’s death. His ‘widow’ Sophie Sanchez told the police that he died in 2005 whilst holidaying in Ecuador and that he was swiftly cremated two days later.

However, this claim was plunged into further doubt as Mr Sanchez’s fingerprints were said to be found on his very own death certificate.

Upon the arrest Sanchez has claimed that he is not the right man, and says he has no knowledge he was wanted in the UK. In a somewhat cryptic statement he also said: “I don't deny anything and I don't accept anything.”