Expat women told to plan ahead

Women Expats

Expatriate businesswomen have been urged to make adequate plans for their future, or risk financial uncertainty.

The message was delivered at the Women’s International Networking global leadership conference in Rome. The expats in attendance will be warned that an expat's life, one potentially spent in numerous countries with work contracts of varying lengths, can lead to a tricky retirement, without a good degree of financial planning.

One of the speakers at the conference, Gavin Pluck, highlighted the importance of such planning: “Retirement planning must feature high on the agenda for any women who have been working or living internationally, particularly where they have been doing so for a number of years. Job changes, uncertainties of short term contracts, moving to different countries and career breaks can all affect the flow of savings into retirement schemes and a review of pensions and other retirement options should be carried out on a regular basis.”

The conference will play host to around 30 global experts and will cover a range of topics including politics, business, economics, technology and much more.

Retirement planning has long been touted as a vital component of any expatriate’s long term strategies, if you are interested in learning more visit our Pensions and Retirement Planning section, or speak directly to a recommended financial planner.