Expats unfazed by economic crisis


A new survey conducted by The Hydrogen Group has revealed that high-power expat professionals remain unfazed by the worldwide financial crisis.

The study, Global Professionals on the Move 2011, was created to examine the fortunes and outlooks of expatriates professionals around the world.

One of the main factors was whether the global economic crisis was affecting expats in their decisions to travel abroad. Despite a seemingly endless supply of doom and gloom headlines, the expats quizzed were mainly upbeat, and most said the financial crisis was not affecting their decisions. If anything it was convincing them to travel even more.

When asked the question “Has the economic climate influenced the decision to work abroad?” 58 percent replied not at all, 16 said it had increased a little, 14 percent said it had increased a lot, 8 percent said it had decreased a little and 4 percent said it had decreased a lot.

Tim Smeaton, Hydrogen Group CEO said: The world has changed and corporate growth is predominantly driven by emerging economies. The need for businesses to take advantage of these opportunities demands they operate globally far more than ever before. One of the key challenges they now face is hiring the right people to make international working succeed. It stands to reason that those with overseas experience in more senior roles are looked on more favourably and can command higher salaries than those without. In many locations the available talent pool does not include the skill sets currently demanded.”