Brit expats don't want to come back

Gloomy UK

New research has revealed that the number of Brit expats who want to return to the UK has diminished significantly over the last few years.

Lloyds TSB International conducted a survey of around 900 British expats who are currently living abroad, and 67 percent stated that they have no plans to return to the United Kingdom. Just six months ago this figure was at 56 percent, which shows a rise of 11 percent.

Alongside this figure, 65 percent felt that their finances were in much better shape now in their new countries than they were back in the UK, which suggests that the current financial state of Britain is a big factor in people moving away.

Lloyds TSB International managing director, Jakob Pfaudler, said: “We knew that most people who move abroad are glad they did so, but we were surprised at the growing pessimism about financial prospects in the UK. Much has been made of ‘austerity Britain’ in the press and elsewhere, and it seems to be contributing to expats’ decisions to settle elsewhere for good.”

And now, actual expats have confirmed these thoughts, British expat Louise Wiles said: “With things looking rocky back home, it encourages people to look at what they have abroad in a more positive light. A job abroad, even if it is not the most perfect one, is better than no job back home. Also if you are living somewhere where the cost of living is relatively cheap in comparison to Britain, you may decide to stay abroad.”

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