UK named as one of the worst places to raise children



A new survey has discovered that expat parents consider the United Kingdom to be one of the worst places for a child to receive an education.

The HSBC survey asked 4,100 expats about their experiences with raising children in other countries, taking into consideration factors such as the child's education, the cost of bringing children up and the ease with which the children integrated into their new surroundings.

Amazingly, the UK came bottom out of 14 countries, with Belgium topping the list, followed by Spain, France and Germany in second, third and fourth place respectively.

Generally, expat parents believed that their children were greatly benefiting from an expat education, 77 percent of the respondents felt their children were now more active, 53 percent felt they were spending more time as a family, and 66 percent felt their children were safer.

Nick Windsor, CEO of HSBC Bank International, said: “With the growth of emerging markets we are seeing more and more people beginning a new life overseas. These results show that parents considering such a move appear to have a lot to gain for themselves and for their children by becoming expats.

Mr Windsor added: “Indeed the low rank of the UK relative to other expat destinations to some extent undermines traditional perceptions that more developed markets provide a better setting for bringing up children.”