Professional Brits drawn to Switzerland

Swiss Flag

Switzerland is fast becoming the go-to destination for well-heeled Brits who are seeking a new home abroad.

It is well known that more and more high-earning British professionals are choosing to leave the UK in favour of other destinations that offer better employment and tax options, and there are a number of reasons why more people are moving to Switzerland.

One of the biggest reasons is tax, tax rates in Switzerland for big earners are much less than England’s devastating 50 percent bracket. Being one of the world's foremost financial epicentres means that Switzerland is always going to be an attractive location for motivated people who work in the world of finance.

However it's not only monetary gain that is luring Brits round to a Swiss way of life, some the lifestyle is also proving to be a tempter. A current expat, British businessman Donald Aaimer said: “We had a massive influx of Brits from the finance world coming over to Switzerland for the quality of life.”

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