East and West join together in Bahrain



Expatriates in Bahrain have been given a welcoming hand as they are invited to help shape the development of the country.

Last week a groundbreaking event took place, as the vast expatriate communities in Bahrain came together to discuss matters within the country via the newly formed expatriate councils.

The formations of the new Western and Asian expatriate councils represent a landmark moment for Bahrain’s expat communities. These councils, which were given official approval from His Majesty King Hamad earlier in the year, will have the power to raise views of any sort from the expat community to the Bahrain government.

The Chairman of the Western Expatriate Council, Andrew Stephenson, said: “At the moment there are two working groups paving the way for the elections later this year by organising the process, legal framework and liaisons. Valid points have been brought up by all members so far, but the most important thing right now is that for the first time ever in a Middle Eastern country, there will be open and fair elections for expatriates to have a say in the running of the country. This is an astounding leap. The fact that expatriates have a voice in the country's governance sets Bahrain heads and shoulders above the so-called 'Arab Spring', as coined by the global media.”