Australia sets new entry rules for expats



The government of Australia has implemented some changes to its skilled migration system.

One of the main changes is that the list of skills migrants are liked to have has been updated. While 13 occupations have been added to the list, including barrister, pharmacist and environmental health officer, four occupations have been also been removed from the list- optometrist, orthoptist, panel beater and vehicle painter.

Expats who wish to work in Australia will also have to pass a new entry test that focuses strongly on English language skills, and an increased leaning towards people with high-end qualifications and education experience. Australia will also now accept migrant visa applications from people up to the age of 50, an increase on the previous age limit of 45.

It’s believed that these changes are just the first step of a major overhaul of the Australian skilled migrant programme, with more changes expected over the next year. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship claim that the changes are being made “to select the best and brightest skilled migrants” for entry.

However, the changes have already attracted criticisms, as people feel the increased focus on English skills discriminates on skilled workers who may not be fluent in English.