BBC introduces global iPlayer


BBC iPlayer

The global roll out of the BBC iPlayer has officially begun with service and pricing details finally available.

Currently only available as an iPad app, the iPlayer will no doubt still be of great use to British expats who want to watch episodes of their favourite UK TV shows.

While the app itself is free, a yearly subscription fee of €49.99, or 6.99 per month, must be paid to view the app’s content, which is said to be a mix of the BBC’s best shows from the past and the present.

Along with entire series runs of classic favourites like Dr Who and Fawlty Towers, the app will also have a latest shows section that will allow users to view the newest episodes of popular BBC staples like Eastenders and Panorama.

The iPlayer will initially be available throughout Europe, then to the US and Canada, and eventually in other global destinations.

The BBC also plans to add to the service over time. Mark Smith, the global iPlayer’s launch director, said: “Over time the product will evolve to include more social features, allowing users to recommend content to each other based on their likes and dislikes on sites like Facebook, but for now we have included Twitter and Facebook buttons, so people can tell people what they are watching when they are viewing it.”

Jana Bennett, BBC Worldwide’s president of Worldwide Networks and Global iPlayer added: “I am keen to build bespoke journeys using BBC content to best appeal to different international audiences. This could mean when a UK news story happens, such as the death of Amy Winehouse, we could put together a montage of the BBC’s back catalogue, differently tailored for each country, out via the app.”