Canada continues expat recruitment drive


Canada continues to grow as a potential expatriate destination, as the Canadian government is set to introduce lower taxes and less employment red tape.

The new measures are being brought in specifically as an action plan to maintain job growth and aid Canada’s cause as an attractive destination for skilled foreign workers.

Canada’s Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, described the scheme as the next phase of Canada’s action plan. Other aims of the plan include balancing budgets and establishing the appropriate conditions for long term economic stability and growth.

To create a solid level of tax efficiency the current tax system will be examined and streamlined, with certain loopholes set to be closed off and a Strategic and Operating Review of government spending also set to be initiated.

However, the main function of the plan is to affirm Canada’s place in the global economy, as both a place to find work and also a place to invest.

This initiative follows previous efforts to entice foreign workers into Canada. Canadian officials feel that too many skilled Canadians have been drawn away creating a brain-drain effect. To remedy this, the Canadian government feels that more expats should be brought in.