Mission Statement

Codes of conduct

We operate in a way that reflects our commitment to you, our staff and our ambition to be the largest advice website catering to English speaking people living abroad. We aim to provide administrative help and information regarding your financial plans.

We utilize the following guidelines as a means for establishing and creating a successful and trustworthy business environment:

Reliability: To generate information that is accurate, consistent and impartial and to provide a website that is dependable and committed to enhancing the lives of expatriates.

Professionalism: To create high quality advice and expertise in the way we think, act and serve our users.

Integrity: To provide honest, clear-cut advice and information that is capable of presenting expats with unseen opportunities.

Independence: To be free from any bias so that we may provide effective, impartial information.

Simplicity: To present the advice and information featured on Expat & Offshore in a way that is clear cut, understandable and easy to access.

Accuracy: To deliver up-to-date, accurate advice that you can rely on.

Transparency: To create openness and honesty in what we do and the way in which we do it.

Consumer Focused: To be biased towards you, and therefore always put our users first.

Principles and Expertise

We provide free, independent and impartial advice.

We’re a group of Expats who are passionate about international living and want to help people who are also interested in pursuing an international lifestyle.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals work full-time to deliver the best quality advice and expertise.

We seek to provide you with a comprehensive website which covers every aspect of the market; creating a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know whilst living abroad.

We take issues of security, privacy, and compliance very seriously. We deliver up-to-date expert advice and market leading information to help you make the most of your life abroad.