March 2010 News

31th March 2010 New Zealand offers new retirement visa for British expats

30th March 2010 Elderly Brit expats given winter fuel payments regardless of income or location

29th March 2010 Expat teachers gain wage increase in Kuwait

28th March 2010 UK tax clamps won’t change the Channels

27th March 2010 Beijing relaxes visa laws for British expatriates

26th March 2010 Expats aggrieved by lack of benefit pay

25th March 2010 Tax Channels Scrutinised

24th March 2010 Expat schools to see British accreditation

24th March 2010 Expat education: New report says learn to learn

23rd March 2010 Singapore the go-to destination for Wealth Preservation

23rd March 2010 Pensions millions moved offshore by QROPS transfers

22nd March 2010 Middle East jobs attract more expats

22nd March 2010 Expats stung by HMRC

19th March 2010 Switzerland gains popularity for British expats

18th March 2010 Greece turns to USA for speculator crackdown

17th March 2010 Pension case lost as ice age commences

16th March 2010 Pension ruling approaches

16th March 2010 UK Expats reap rich rewards

15th March 2010 Gold is the magic colour

15th March 2010 Greek pensioners take the 'old' out of OAP

15th March 2010 Turkish residence permits to face new scrutiny

12th March 2010 Yacht's Entertaining

12th March 2010 Offshore accounts offer better rates for expats

11th March 2010 HMRC given court go-ahead to reclaim offshore tax

10th March 2010 Bermuda signs tax agreement with Japan

9th March 2010 New investment in Niue

9th March 2010 Germans say: Greece must sell itself

2nd March 2010 Lord Ashcroft non-domicile tax status under attack

1st March 2010 Dodge tax and get hit by 200% fine