More workers willing to travel


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New research has shown that around a quarter of the world’s global workforce is interested in relocating to another country to seek better jobs as expatriates.

The GfK International Employee Engagement Study has disclosed the results of its latest research and has shown that many countries have a large number of citizens who are eager to leave and start a new life abroad.

While internationally minded people are undoubtedly a plus in an increasingly international business world, some people fear that areas with too many want away citizens could be in danger of suffering a ‘brain drain’.

Figures suggest that the United Kingdom is one of the places most in danger of suffering a brain drain. Figures show that around 7.6 million Brits are willing to move abroad to seek new employment.

GfK director Sukhi Ghataore said: “Our findings indicate Britain has a risk of brain drain in the coming year, posing significant problems for companies looking to recover from the downturn. Both blue collar and white collar workers in the UK show over a quarter of their number are willing to look overseas for work and that figure rises for the higher educated workers. Even if only a fraction of these people actually make the move abroad, UK businesses will face a significant loss of talent, just at the time they most need it.”