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Expat & Offshore is an online consumer resource for those seeking information and advice pertaining to matters related to expatriate life and offshore finance. A fully independent not-for-profit organisation, our website provides an information hub full of news, guides and advice to help expats manage their work and money matters.

Whether you are a retiree seeking a quieter lifestyle, a younger person taking on a new challenge or a family in search of a better environment to raise children, Expat & Offshore is your first resource for the valuable and independent information you need to know.

Our mission is to help you to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you as expatriates. To do this, we fill our site with genuinely helpful content, specialized to your unique situation. We actively work to eliminate common misunderstandings and confusions. All this knowledge we provide for free, because we firmly believe that this information should be accessible to everyone.

We have dedicated a large portion of the website to providing you with expert international and expatriate financial information. As many people move abroad to achieve greater prosperity in the first place, we feel it is important to help illuminate the world of offshore finance. When managing finances in more than one country, we recommend the use of independent financial advisers who can give the individual a greater insight into how to manage, and develop, their money. It’s important that consumers are aware of the financial issues that may affect them when living and working abroad, and the best way to keep abreast of these issues is by working with a professional adviser.

When consumers use Expat & Offshore for personal and financial information, we ensure that if they wish to get in contact with an adviser that they will be put in touch with the right professional suited to their requirements.

Expat & Offshore is run by a group of expatriates and internationally minded professionals who between them have many years of experience in expat services. Through integrity and expertise, we strive to earn your trust and become the largest and most established source for impartial expatriate information and advice online. Our service is free and there is no fee for a consultation. If you have any questions or comments about the site you can email us at info@expatandoffshore.com  or call us on +442071935528.


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