Five top retirement hotspots

Retirement Location

The international magazine AARP has claimed that Le Marche in Italy, the Panama area of Boquete, Portuguese city Cascais, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and France’s Languedoc-Roussillon are the best places for those seeking an expatriate retirement.

The writers at AARP investigated factors including health care, price of living, quality of life, weather and more, as they sought to establish what the world’s most ideal retirement destination is.

AARP’s editor in chief, Ken Budd, spoke of the importance of adequately researching worldwide destinations when choosing to retire abroad: “A lot of people visit a place and say 'I’d love to live there,’ but it can be very different being a tourist to living somewhere. You should really visit two or three times, and get a feel for what the place is like. It’s worth consulting an attorney, as property laws may be different abroad, and it’s important to research health care. A lot of expats also advise against choosing a place simply because it's low-cost.”

Expat & Offshore also recognises the need for appropriate research when retiring abroad, to further assist you we have done some of the research already. Visit our international City Guide section to read about a number of popular expat destinations, with details regarding entertainment, climate, quality of life and more.