Canada scores high in expat survey


The results of a new HSBC expat survey place Canada at the top of the list in terms of expat integration.

In the 2010 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey- Expat Experiences, expats rated Canada as the second best country for over all experience, coming in just behind Thailand.

Canada scored highly in areas such as education for children, setting up finances, language, finding accommodation and establishing utilities. Canada also showed strong results in a number of other areas, for instance 43 percent of the respondents said they led more active lives and did more exercise since being in Canada, 57 percent praised their new working environment, another 57 percent claimed their balance between work life and personal life was perfect. A further 73 percent preferred their accommodation and 50 percent said they had a better diet in Canada.

However expats did say that the weather conditions were a slight issue, and 58 percent said they had to travel more since moving to Canada. All in all though praise was high, an unnamed expat said in the survey that Canada has a “much better standard of living, healthy lifestyle, more time altogether.”