China offers new opportunities for expats



As China continues to flourish as a global economic powerhouse, expat opportunities in the country are set to flourish too.

As the country itself grows, the need for skilled foreign workers is also growing, and expats often find much to appreciate in the sprawling culture of China. However, with China's education standard now at an all time high, expats find themselves facing a healthy amount of competition from native Chinese candidates.

Some expats find that while they adapt easily in the business world adapting to China itself can sometimes be more difficult. While China is undoubtedly a fascinating country, its culture is often markedly different to that of the western world, and this can sometimes be a hurdle for expatriate workers.

Another stumbling block can also get in the way in the shape of a language barrier. Expats who have previously relocated to China always suggest that learning Chinese is vital if foreign workers are to truly settle in.

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