New work visa for expats going to Austria


In light of the current skill shortage that is plaguing Austria, the country is to introduce a new visa that will make it easier for skilled expats to find work.

Dubbed the “red and white permit”, it will only be available to people who meet certain age, experience, education and language requirements.

Up until now Austria has only allowed in 1,000 expats per year, however there are various industries that are severely lacking qualified workers, with further shortages predicted over the next 15 years.

To further assist expats, a new expat advice centre is also set to be opened. This is in initiative that has been spearheaded by the Vienna Business Agency and will aid expats with visa queries, housing, employment and more.

Renate Brauner, Vienna’s Vice Mayor and City Councilwoman for Financial and Economic Affairs, spoke of why Vienna is an attractive location for expats: “Companies decide in favour of Vienna due to the international attractiveness of the business location. Vienna scores points with investors due to the indisputable high quality of life”.