Frozen pensions plight taken to parliament


Expatriate UK pensioners who are battling against inflation-proofed frozen pensions have now taken their case to UK parliament.

For the last twenty-odd years The International Consortium of British Pensioners has been fighting to have their pensions un-frozen, currently to no avail.

Following various unsuccessful endeavours and campaigns, the consortium is now looking to the House of Commons for assistance.

Currently there are estimated to be around 500,000 expat UK pensioners stuck with frozen pensions, in over 100 different countries.

Now, an Early Day Motion will be tabled in the House of Commons to review the situation that has attracted immense criticism. One of the sponsors of the EDM, MP Penny Mordaunt said: “If people have paid National Insurance Contributions it is only fair that they receive their pension. That moving to a Commonwealth country could make one’s pension almost worthless after a period of time seems extraordinary, and I would urge the ministers to work with their counterparts if necessary to find a solution.”

With other attempts to resolve the matter proving unsuccessful, it remains to be seen if this will help, however the affected pensioners can at least know that more people in authority are hearing their pleas.