Expats stick together


According to new research conducted by HSBC, expats have a tendency to gravitate towards each other when working in a foreign country.

In the second part of HSBC's 2010 Expat Explorer Survey, Expat Experiences, we learn that expats tend to prefer spending time with other expat friends, as opposed to new friends who are native to their new country.

Of all the expats quizzed 58 percent admitted that they'd rather spend time with expat friends, this was especially the case for expats based in Middle East countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the UAE.

In some other countries though expats made more effort to mingle with local people, expats in Canada were found to socialise with fellow expats and natives equally.

Lisa Wood, Head of Customer Propositions at HSBC Bank International, said: “Expats decide to move abroad for a number of reasons so it is important for expats to assess what they are hoping to achieve from their move before relocating."