Expats tempted by 10 percent pay rise



Fifty percent of workers around the world are willing to become expatriates and work overseas for a 10 per cent increase in pay, new research has discovered.

Around 13,000 employees from 24 different countries were surveyed by research company Ipsos to establish global attitudes to working abroad.

When quizzed about taking a full-time job abroad for two to three years with percent wage rise, 19 per cent said they were “very likely”, and 30 percent were “somewhat likely”.

A further 31 per cent of the quizzed individuals simply stated that a higher salary would tempt them abroad, but 35 per cent said they would be especially tempted by the guarantee they could return to their old position if they chose to within two years.

Another 30 per cent said the main incentive would be return tickets to visit home, while 29 per cent said they would require language training.

Keren Gottfried, a research manager at Ipsos Global Public Affairs, said “Businesses are more globalised than ever before and there is a need to move more and more people around. It is important to get the details right, so that people are willing to move.”