English doom and gloom sends Britons abroad


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New research has revealed that the wave of austerity sweeping through the UK is leading to more Brits thinking of moving abroad than ever before.

A survey conducted by Aviva set out to examine the mind-sets of Brits as the effects of government cuts and austerity measures begin to set in. Aviva discovered that 54 percent of the 18-45 year old respondents would consider moving abroad and leaving the UK.

In an increase from last year, 46 percent of the respondents said they are thinking of moving abroad permanently, compared to last year’s 39 percent.

The reasons for these thoughts of departure can be pinpointed mainly on the concerns that lie with the UK economy, 89 percent of the respondents said they felt that the UK employment market has swiftly declined over the last three years. A further 54 percent stressed that the government cuts had already begun to have a negative effect on their lives in the UK, and subsequently they are thinking of moving away.

Other factors are also contributing to the want-away thoughts. The old cloud of English weather also loomed into view as 45 percent were interested in moving abroad just to enjoy a better climate. People were also confident that a move would be prosperous, with 31 percent certain that a better quality of life awaits them overseas.

The survey also discovered what destinations are most desired, and popular locations such as Dubai, Spain and Switzerland led the way.