British MEP joins Spanish property row


Spanish Property

A British MEP has demanded that the Spanish areas embroiled in the expat property row have their EU funding halted.

MEP Mart Andreasen of the UKIP made the claim last week at the EU Petitions Committee. She suggested that European grants could be suspended in a move that could force a resolution to the expat property row that has left thousands of expats in a state of concern.

A petition has been put forward to the committee compiled by campaign ringleader Maura Hillen of the AUAN group. The petition stresses that the affected expats have suffered unfair treatment, and that the corruption issues that led to the properties being built in the first place have contravened the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Miss Hillen argues that the property row has restricted the expats EU right to free movement of capital and free movement of people. These accusations will now be assessed in detail by the EU Commission.

The backing of an MEP is a tremendous boon for Ms Hillen, AUAN and of course the affected expats themselves. MEP Andreasen said: “These people have been suffering for a long time now and it is time for action not more words. I call upon this committee to issue a resolution demanding that new EU funding to those regions where these anomalies occur be blocked immediately until a solution is provided to these people.”

Another MEP, Roger Helmer, has also backed AUAN and the plight of the expats. Helmer said: “We talk about a Europe of values and the rule of law and then we see the rule of law being flouted in this way in a member state and the European Commission sits there and says 'there is nothing we can do about it’. What is the point of the Charter of Fundamental Rights if it cannot be appealed to when it is needed?”

With the EU Commission now examining the case it is hoped that a suitable resolution will soon be reached.